21 March Announcement Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil hosted No Music Day 2008. To mark this announcement a number of 21 NOV graffiti appeared around the city over the coming days and weeks.

This is one of the numerous graffiti that appeared on the streets of Sao Paulo.

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10 September Graffiti Sao Paulo, Brazil

This is another of the random 21 NOV graffiti that appeared in the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil throughout 2008.

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21 November 2008 Observance No Music Day worldwide but Brazil in Particular

Year four of a five year plan. Bill Drummond was invited by interested parties in Brazil to host No Music Day 2008 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was instructed by his hosts to spend the day handing out No Music Day leaflets (in Portugese) to all those listening to their personal stereos on the main shopping street in Sao Paulo; to apprehend all buskers and tell them that they may want to take a break from their labours for the day and instead re-consider what the position music had in their lives; to enter all the music shop on the cities music shop street and tell them to close their shops and go do something different for the day. He also did numerous interviews with Brazilian magazines, newspapers and radio stations. He doubts that there was even a fraction less music consumed in Brazil on the 21 November 2008 compared to any other day.

Busker on the streets of São Paulo, Brazil, who was bribed to observe No Music Day 2008.

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21 November 20:00 Event Sound of Mu. Markveien 58, Oslo, Norway.
For further information visit www.soundofmu.no
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22 November Celebration Santa Cecilia, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Bill Drummond celebrated Saint Cecilia's Day in the streets of the Santa Cecilia district of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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